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Join the labour party

I've been a member of the Labour Party for over 20years, and I know there has never been a more important time to join and make a real difference to people’s lives


Every day we see the impact of damaging Tory and Lib Dem policies on our communities.  Cost of living soars whilst wages falls, rising  food banks,  rising child poverty, the bedroom tax hitting disabled people  and cuts in vital services.


Labour Party members and supporters are on the front line of the fight to expose the Tories and oppose their plans across the country.


Join today to help shape Labour Party policy and develop the ideas that will see us win here in South Derbyshire and across the country. Join to meet like-minded people, who really want to make a difference too. And join to help spread the message - one of the most important things we do is regularly make sure we are out talking to residents and hearing their views and experiences – there's a lot going on, but how much time you can spare and what you can do is completely up to you!


So now is the time to stop the Tories doing more damage to our communities. Join now at www.labour.org.uk/join



Contact me, if you have any questions:

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