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Activist, Academic and campaigner.


Cecile has dedicated her life to the Labour movement and serving the community a trade unionist, academic and campaigner.  Her first experience of activism involved ,as the Secretary of a local voluntary organisation ,being instrumental in formulating a successful ‘Urban Aid ‘ bid  to  fund a project aimed at reducing poverty and social exclusion amongst marginalised communities.  She has campaigned hard for the party many times for wards and constituency in Derby and Nottingham.


Cecile was professor of Professor of Sociology at Nottingham Trent University for 13 years   and is currently at the University of Nottingham as an honorary academic and independent researcher. She was the first black female professor in the East Midlands. She specialises in the areas of education, youth, social mobility and social exclusion.  She was recently engaged by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner to investigate the relationship between the BME community and the police with a view to producing recommendations to improve relations. Click here to visit the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner website.


She uses her spare time to work for voluntary organisations, charities, a mental health charity and a women’s refuge in Derbyshire and is on the national executive of my union, the University and College Union to fight for better pay and pension rights. She is currently a member of the TUC Race Relations Committee.


Cecile’s political experience is rooted in local community activism and she has been an active party member for 20 years. Currently holds the position of TULO officer for her Derby North CLP. She a co- founder member of the Labour Black Network. Click here to visit the Labour Black Network website.


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